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Course Portfolio

SeaBot Maritime offers a broad portfolio of training courses and qualifications in remote and autonomous vessel operations.

Explore our Training Academy courses...

Professional Operator Certification 

Commercial & Defence

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The MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme®

Our MCA MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme® is underpinning safe remote and autonomous vessel operations for multiple applications. This training pathway bridges the gap between existing maritime knowledge and skills, and the competencies required to manage and operate these new vessels.

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Operator Training for Small USVs

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USV Operator - Harbours, Inland waterway & Rivers

Operational training for users of Uncrewed Surface Vessel of a length less than three metres, within visual line of sight.

Business Leadership courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Business of MASS

Certificate in the Business

of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS) for Senior Leadership

This course is aimed at those working in management and senior leadership positions who are seeking to understand the opportunities and risks relating to the acquisition of MASS.​

Discover the real business value of MASS. Explore how MASS can be incorporated into your business strategy, optimising performance, solving problems and driving cost savings.

USV Operations

Certificate in Remote and Autonomous Maritime


This course provides in-depth training for personnel looking to further their understanding of the uncrewed vessel sector.


Introduction to USV Handling

Why not try your hand at operating a USV?

This standalone course can also be combined as a bolt-on to the Certificate in the Business of MASS Course or the Certificate in Remote and Autonomous Maritime Operations Course.

Our Facilities


The National Oceanography Centre

Home of SeaBot Maritime's MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme, the National Oceanography Centre incorporates the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre, and has extensive classroom, shoreside and on-water facilities.

Location: Southampton | United Kingdom


Modular Remote Operations Pod, Workshop & USVs

SeaBot Maritime provides uncrewed remote operations vessels for training, together with their mobile engineering workshops and modular remote  operations pods; which can be deployed worldwide to clients' locations.


Location: Worldwide

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