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Training Courses

Professional Operator Certification 


MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme

Our MCA MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme® is underpinning safe remote and autonomous vessel operations for multiple applications. This training pathway bridges the gap between existing maritime knowledge and skills, and the competencies required to manage and operate these new vessels.

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Module A
MASS Remote Operator - Basic

Providing an understanding of how new functions and associated operating practices require greater collaboration between operators.

Support Level


Module B
MASS Remote Operator - Advanced

Providing an advanced understanding of the functions and operating practices involved in remote operations of uncrewed vehicles

Operational Level

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Module C
MASS Remote Operator Management

Enabling senior personnel to obtain a comprehensive understanding

of the management of teams and assets, in the remote operation of uncrewed vehicles.

Management Level

Small USV Courses
Small USV.jpg

Professional Inshore USV Operator Training

Our small USV courses have been developed to support operations conducted within the confined waters of ports, marinas and inland waters. The courses will boost the adoption of uncrewed systems within the hydrographic and port ops communities who are seeking to utilise these systems to modernise their operations by providing the knowledge and understanding required to underpin safe operations.


USV Operator - Harbours, Rivers & Inland waters

Operational training for users of Uncrewed Surface Vessels of a length less than three metres, within visual line of sight working in categorised waters.

Business Leadership courses and CPD


Professional courses

In the rapidly evolving maritime landscape, our professional courses are tailored to equip personnel with the latest technological insights. We ensure that businesses and personnel across the sector stay well-versed, fostering safe and effective adoption of novel technology. Our courses deliver knowledge that propels operational excellence, enabling seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies for enhanced safety, efficiency, and competitiveness in the dynamic maritime environment.

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Certificate in the Business

of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS) for Senior Leadership

Discover the real business value of MASS. Explore how MASS can be incorporated into your business strategy, optimising performance, solving problems and driving cost savings.


Certificate in Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems Operations

This course provides in-depth training for personnel looking to further their understanding of the uncrewed vessel sector.


Introduction to USV Handling

Why not try your hand at operating a USV?

This standalone course can also be combined as a bolt-on to the Certificate in the Business of MASS Course or the Certificate in MASS Operations Course

Bespoke and Tailored Courses

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Tailored Courses

We can tailor many aspects of the above courses to meet your company's specific needs, ensuring targeted and effective training. Such adjustments could include;

  • Customised content to align with your unique requirements.

  • Incorporate standard operating procedures to expose new operators to your specific ways of working.

  • Utilise your own equipment to maximise training benefit for your operators.

  • Conduct training at your own site or expected operating location.

  • Schedule training dates that best suit project timelines or personnel availability.


We can work with you to develop bespoke and impactful training experiences for your team.

Contact us if you would like any further information about any of the above courses or how we can help you to develop company specific training.

We look forward to talking to you

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