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Certificate in the Business of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS) for Senior Leadership

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Discover the real business value of MASS. Explore how MASS can be incorporated into your business strategy, optimising performance, solving problems and driving cost savings.

Our Certificate in the Business of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems course explores and unpicks the complexity and pitfalls for those companies moving into the Maritime Autonomous Systems Space. The course is aimed at Senior Leaders in the maritime industry seeking to understand and leverage new opportunities through the adoption and integration of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems. During the course, our team of experts unpick the opportunities and the risks to inform new market entry strategies.


We help redefine the strategic vision and direction of organisations by helping to position maritime business for growth in the adoption and deployment of remote and autonomous ship systems. We explore cutting-edge thinking, skills, and frameworks critical to surviving the challenges of increased competition, globalisation, and new technologies. Completion of the course will provide senior leadership with strong market orientation, able to navigate new strategies and generate value for customers across new business ecosystems.

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1 Day


In person







Contact us if you have any questions about this course or if you would like to discuss a tailored version to suit your company requirements.

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