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Certificate in Maritime Autonomous Ship System (MASS) Operations

This course provides in-depth training for personnel looking to further their understanding of the Maritime Autonomous Ship System sector.


Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems are being increasingly utilised by organisations to improve operations; making them safer for operators, more environmentally friendly and allowing smarter use of assets.


Current operations are focused primarily on surveying and ocean sciences utilising smaller vessels, however there are ambitions for vessel size to quickly increase, and for widespread adoption of technology across different elements of the maritime ecosystem.


This course will provide individuals with an overview of the fundamental elements of this burgeoning sector; looking at the most recent technological, regulatory and operational developments.

Course Information


1 Day



Student Numbers

10 - 20





There are currently no dates available for this course, but contact us if you would like to register your interest.

Contact us if you have any questions about this course or if you would like to discuss a tailored version to suit your company requirements.

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