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Expert, innovative, maritime learning design.

Maritime Learning Solutions.

Designed. Developed. Delivered.


SeaBot Maritime are specialist maritime consultancy and learning solutions providers. 


We create and deliver inventive learning solutions, through digital and experiential learning, to embed the knowledge, skills and capabilities your organisation, teams and people need for continued success.

Our Services

We work with you to assess your current and future skills needs, and create and provide learning opportunities to support your future success. 


Our services include:

   - Skills Assessment

   - Learning Design and Development

   - Build and Delivery

   - Ongoing Assurance 

We provide both bespoke and flexible pre-designed e-learning and instructor-led solutions, for all maritime organisation audiences. 

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Solutions - eLearning

Our e-learning solutions use the latest technology to improve learning experience and accessibility. 


Driven by employee learning needs, we can design solutions including:

- Multiple languages

- Simulation

- Virtual Reality

- 3D modelling

- Gamification

And it can all be made available and stored on a mobile device enabling employees to learn, where and when they want. 

Solutions - Instructor Led Learning

Our instructor led training is delivered by maritime skills experts, from purpose-built facilities at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, or at client locations.  

We recognised a vocational training need for autonomous vessel operations. Our Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Training Courses meet this growing need.  


Our MASS Certified Professional Scheme is recognised by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).   

All our learning solutions provide:

   - support for continued development

   - evidence of compliance

   - ongoing assurance of workforce competence

Choose SeaBot Maritime to achieve a competent and safe seafaring workforce, for all your operations. 

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Our Work

We’re passionate about improving maritime skills and capabilities.  We’ve designed and delivered bespoke learning solutions for major clients.

Fugro, a leading geo-data specialist identified an opportunity to improve their operations using MASS vehicles. To operate the vehicles safely and effectively Fugro needed to develop their maritime workforce to become competent users of MASS vehicles.  SeaBot Maritime provided the solution, designing and delivering instructor led and online training to improve the skills of Fugro employees.


SBM Offshore, a leading provider of offshore platforms, aspire to become a knowledge-based business. SeaBot Maritime designed and built a multi-lingual e-learning solution enabling SBM Offshore's employees to access learning on a mobile device. Employee take-up and competence improved, at a fraction of the previous cost. 


For more details on these and other examples of our work, click here.

We Work With

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