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SeaBot Maritime | Diversity Policy 


SeaBot Maritime Limited is committed to promoting equality and diversity and promoting a culture that actively values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights and contributions to the workplace and enhance the way we work. 


SeaBot Maritime Limited aims to be an inclusive organisation, committed to providing equal opportunities throughout employment, including in the recruitment, training, and development of employees, and to pro-actively tackle occurrences of discrimination. 


At SeaBot Maritime Limited, we consider that equality means breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination, ensuring equal opportunities, and access for all groups to employment, goods, and services.  


We embrace diversity and celebrate the differences in society, recognising that people are unique in elements that are both visible and non-visible. We seek to ensure that personnel are respected in their own right and can feel valued for their contributions towards the development of both SeaBot Maritime Limited, and themselves. 


We acknowledge that equality and diversity are not inter-changeable but inter-dependent. There can be no equality of opportunity if difference is not valued and harnessed. 


SeaBot Maritime Limited | Sustainable Development Policy 


This policy covers the activities of SeaBot Maritime Limited at its headquarters in Southampton. In addition, this policy covers the activities of SeaBot Maritime Limited globally. 


The SeaBot Maritime Limited mission is to make maritime safer, smarter and cleaner, which incorporates minimising the negative impact of its activities in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Global Goals 2015. We recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability through and integrated approach. 


SeaBot Maritime Limited’s key areas of focus are: 


  • Achieving inclusive and quality EDUCATION being one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development, including the provision of equal access to affordable vocational training and achieve universal access to a quality higher education. 


  • Gender Equality: Ending all discrimination and inequalities, empowering women and girls which also helps economic growth and development. 


  • With the demand for CLEAN & AFFORDABLE ENERGY rising alongside population growth, we support the efforts to explore solar, wind and thermal power, whilst improving energy productivity which will encourage growth and help the environment. 


  • Narrow inequalities in the workspace and strive for sustained ECONOMIC GROWTH by 2030. This encompasses entrepreneurship and job creation together with eradicating forced labour, slavery and human trafficking. 


  • Investment in INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE are crucial, particularly the growth of new industries and information and communication technologies. As the UN states, “Bridging this digital divide is crucial to ensure equal access to information and knowledge, as well as foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Promoting sustainable industries, and investing in scientific research and innovation, are all important ways to facilitate sustainable development.” 


  • The world’s oceans drive global systems that make Earth habitable therefore preserving and nurturing LIFE BELOW WATER is essential for humankind to survive, thrive and work. 


  • Above all, we wish to help the world to find ways to ERADICATE POVERTY in all its forms, as too many people are still struggling for the most basic human needs. 

SeaBot Maritime Limited | Environmental Policy


This policy covers the activities of SeaBot Maritime Limited at its headquarters in Southampton. In addition, this policy covers the activities of SeaBot Maritime Limited globally. 


The SeaBot Maritime Limited mission is to make maritime safer, smarter and cleaner, which incorporates minimising the negative environmental impact of its activities. 


SeaBot Maritime Limited is committed to being an environmentally responsible and environmentally conscientious organisation. SeaBot Maritime Limited recognises the important role it has in helping to manage the impact of its day-to-day operations on the environment and in promoting the principles of sustainability both internally and with stakeholders.


SeaBot Maritime’s teaching activities have many positive environmental impacts, through provision of a greater understanding to how technology can work in maritime autonomously. 


SeaBot Maritime Limited is committed to: 

  • maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment, for its workforce and for the wider SeaBot Maritime Limited community. 

  • the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment; 

  • the continual improvement of its environmental performance and management through the regular setting and review of targets and objectives 

  • complying with applicable environmental legal and other requirements relevant to its operations 


SeaBot Maritime Limited is committed to achieving environmental good practice throughout its activities by: 

  • Identifying significant environmental aspects through effective management and planning, including our impact on the marine environment 

  • Working in line with the Carbon Trust’s guidance in its activities 

  • Active management of energy and water consumption to ensure efficient use 

  • Promoting the prudent use of natural resources and the minimisation of waste, including the ambition of paperless offices 

  • Seeking to minimise the negative environmental impact of purchasing through the adoption of sustainable procurement principles 

  • Implementing a travel plan that informs and encourages stakeholders to consider their travel options for both commuting and business travel 

  • Providing appropriate information to our stakeholders to ensure they are aware of and competent to control the environmental impact of their activities 

  • Promoting awareness to its staff and students of the impact they have on the environment and help them to minimise their negative impact 

  • Communicating this Policy to SeaBot Maritime Limited’s community and beyond 


The SeaBot Maritime Limited Executive Team will review these policies and its execution annually and ensure that corrective and preventative actions are taken to ensure it is continually improved and updated. 

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