SeaBot Maritime was established by CEO and Founder, Gordon Meadow, to provide pioneering transformative and digital competency solutions to organisations operating in the maritime sector, particularly in maritime autonomy and remote operations.

Having been involved in remote and autonomous maritime operations since the advent of this technology revolution, SeaBot Maritime's core focus is to help shape the maritime autonomy national eco-system in line with the UK ambition to be at the forefront of clean maritime technology, globally.

Senior Management Team

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Our Aims

SeaBot Maritime's clients span a wide variety of market sub-segments, including shipping and geosurveying, offshore energy including renewables, oil and gas, commercial marine operators, and those involved in maritime autonomy. 

In response to industrywide global challenges requiring the safe adoption of emerging technology, combined with the need to expand the current limitations of an existing workforce, it has been deemed crucial for maritime to adopt, upskill and scale this. 


In addition, as it is broadly unregulated both at national and international levels, there is a requirement for assurance and regulation spanning above and below the maritime autonomy waterline.

With a particular focus on the shift to automation, we create effective people-technology partnerships, and help organisations to fully understand and maximise their processes and workforce competency requirements. 

SeaBot Maritime fulfils this requirement through its unique skillsets borne from real-life experiences across the maritime and other sectors such as aviation, resulting in it being the first choice for change transformation of leading maritime organisations globally.


SeaBot Maritime is also proudly driving the skills and competencies agenda at maritime industry forums worldwide. 

Our Mission

For today’s and tomorrow’s world, we need the seas and its people to be sustainable, cleaner and safe. To achieve this requires smarter techniques, pioneering solutions, and empathy with the world around us.

Championing the role that people play in partnership with technology, SeaBot Maritime's mission is to make maritime safer, cleaner and smarter.


To achieve this we promote a technology-based, future agnostic approach, which uses innovative methods that improve an organisation and its workforce.

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Diversity Drives Innovation

SeaBot Maritime welcomes customers, learners, colleagues and communities of all backgrounds, that reflect the entirety of our diverse and varied world.

Collaboration is key. Game-changing advancement across our oceans depends on an open approach to sharing ideas, and where each individual's contributory value is equally measured, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age or accessibility.

Putting people first, as an digital transformation and e-learning company, SeaBot Maritime necessarily places people at the heart of everything we do. We believe that a focus on the human element is pivotal in achieving the best business outcomes.