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e-Learning Development


Elevate your maritime workforce with our cutting-edge e-learning solutions, designed to foster high-quality learning experiences while supporting essential human upskilling in the era of rapid technological development and integration. Our commitment to advancing maritime education is reflected in the use of the latest technology to enhance accessibility and engagement.

Tailored to meet diverse employee learning needs, our solutions encompass a comprehensive array of features, including

  • support for multiple languages,

  • immersive simulation experiences,

  • virtual reality modules,

  • dynamic 3D modelling, and

  • engaging gamification elements.

This multifaceted approach ensures that maritime professionals not only keep pace with industry advancements but also acquire the critical skills needed to support the seamless integration of technology.

Our solutions offer flexibility to the maritime workforce. Accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, our courses empower employees to learn at their convenience, breaking down geographical and time constraints. Whether they are offshore, coastal or land-based, our solutions provide a dynamic and immersive learning environment for personnel as they seek to enhance their understanding of the sector.


Our services will revolutionise the workforce's learning journey, ensuring they stay ahead in the maritime industry's ever-evolving landscape while emphasising the continue importance of the human aspect.

Case Study


SBM Offshore

Development of e-Learning materials to support 

in-house training


International Maritime Employers Council

Curriculum design and e-Learning & App development to support training in the use of Scrubber Systems.

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