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What was the project...

The International Maritime Employers Council (IMEC) is at the forefront of providing comprehensive training and support to seafaring workforces globally. Recognizing the need for pan-industry training on scrubber systems designed to minimize environmental impact, IMEC sought a solution accessible to its members' seafarers and engineers worldwide, even while at sea. In response, SeaBot Maritime proposed a transformative e-learning approach, featuring on-board simulation, knowledge assessment, and 3D models of the environmental impact reduction systems.

What set SeaBot Maritime's proposal apart was the introduction of an innovative e-learning app. This app, downloadable and accessible on any Apple or Android device offline, emerged as a game-changer. The accessibility it offered, particularly in remote maritime locations, proved instrumental in SeaBot Maritime securing the contract from IMEC.

Upon receiving the brief from IMEC, the SeaBot Maritime team enthusiastically embraced the challenge of crafting an accessible and engaging learning solution for thousands of seafarers spanning various organizations and continents. The team identified an app-based learning, assessment, and extended reality solution as the most suitable for IMEC's diverse needs. The app's format provided unparalleled accessibility and convenience, while integrated assessment and on-board simulation enhanced engagement and impact.

Recognizing the pedagogical benefits of simulation, SeaBot Maritime's solution allowed trainees to experience scenarios in a safe, contained, and repeatable environment. This not only facilitated the understanding of concepts through practical experience but also enhanced decision-making skills in critical situations rarely encountered in real life. The virtual environment enabled trainees to repeat tasks until achieving a comfortable level of proficiency, promoting cost-effective, risk-free learning. SeaBot Maritime's innovative e-learning solution not only met IMEC's requirements but also showcased the transformative power of technology in maritime education.

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