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SBM Offshore

Digitisation of training programme


"SeaBot Maritime were selected for this project against some stiff competition.  We are delighted with the pace of the project, the outcome and impact that SeaBot Maritime’s eLearning solution has had.


By using these types of transformative approaches to learning, our goal is to transition SBM Offshore to a knowledge-based company, where our people can absorb learning regularly, and maintain skills sets"

Christen Vagel, SBM Offshore

Offshore Oil & Gas


FPSO Design, build, operation

e-learning development


What was the project...

In pursuit of becoming a knowledge-based business, SBM Offshore, a leading offshore platform provider, partnered with SeaBot Maritime to revolutionise its workforce training. The collaboration resulted in the development of a robust, multi-lingual e-learning solution seamlessly integrated into SBM Offshore's Learning Management System, marking a paradigm shift in employee engagement and competence—all achieved at a fraction of previous costs.

The specific focus of this initiative was the approximately 2600 specialised personnel stationed aboard SBM Offshore’s FPSO vessels in Guyana and Suriname. The challenge was to transition from traditional instructor-led methods of training to an engaging e-learning platform, ensuring accessibility for the crew while maintaining effectiveness to fortify SBM Offshore’s impeccable safety record. The bespoke-designed e-learning solution featured over 30 safety-critical modules, presented in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Within a few short months, thousands accessed the innovative learning platform, with 840 SBM Offshore crew members successfully completing the comprehensive training in the first six months, achieving an impressive 98% pass rate. Not only did the initiative fulfill its objective of delivering high-quality onboard learning, but it also garnered exceptional feedback from learners, affirming its positive impact on workforce competence and safety awareness.

Cost savings

Multi-lingual platform

Consistent training delivery

on-demand training delivery

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