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SeaBot Maritime welcomes world’s longest green shipping corridor

Sustainability and shipping decarbonisation is crucial to the future of the sector, and the concept of green corridors has become a reality since COP26, and rightly remains top of the agenda.

Therefore, it is welcome news that the world’s longest green and digital corridor is to be established by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, to facilitate low and zero carbon shipping.

As both authorities are among the largest bunkering ports globally, it was natural for them to join forces to mitigate the environmental and digital challenges experienced across the industry.

This green and digital shipping corridor will open in 2027, when the first sustainable vessels will traverse the route.

SeaBot Maritime’s corporate vision mirrors the worldwide decarbonisation ambition. Our particular focus and interests are on safe and efficient practices, together with optimising operations, together with a holistic aspiration to achieve common standards on a global scale.

Find out how SeaBot Maritime can help an organisation and its people embrace change, realise digital transformation, enabling them to operate… safer, cleaner and smarter.

Gordon Meadow, CEO SeaBot Maritime

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