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Invitation to NavyX Briefing and Royal Navy Experimental Vessel Tour

SeaBot Maritime's CEO, Gordon Meadow was honoured to be to invited as one of a select number of guests to attend the NavyX Briefing and Vessel Tour onboard the Royal Navy's XV Patrick Blackett.

The Navy X event was held in Portsmouth Navy Base (UK), in association with MOD (Ministry of Defence) @BattleLab, @DefenceInnovation and @DefenceSecurityAccelerator teams.

The XV Patrick Blackett (X01) is an experimental ship used by the Royal Navy as a testbed for new technologies. These new technologies include unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs or ASVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). Her namesake is Patrick Blackett, being a Royal Navy veteran and Nobel Prize-winning British physicist.

There were many areas of opportunities for collaboration and exploration regarding how SeaBot Maritime and others can help influence future innovations.


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