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SeaBot Maritime receives funding for GMP development

SeaBot Maritime

21 Nov 2022

SeaBot Maritime is awarded Ufi VocTechTrust grant for the development of new Global Maritime Portal®

Southampton, UK - Maritime training and technology transformation provider, SeaBot Maritime, have won new grant funding from Ufi VocTech Trust for the development of their new pioneering digital platform, Global Maritime Portal.


Global Maritime Portal (GMP) is a unique, multi-dimensional people platform, that will underpin next generation maritime talent, helping organisations to grow multiskilled, knowledge-based workforces, maximising business asset management, and allowing companies to more effectively manage global competence. 


With smart shipping and increasing adoption of autonomy in maritime, a new type of maritime workforce is emerging, and brings with it with its own specific challenges. GMP helps to address these challenges, bringing new digital structuring and wrap around support to enhance both existing and new career pathways, from hire to retire.


This Ufi grant funding will help to further strengthen GMP’s digital portfolio, providing access to a greater range of resources that will allow regulators, individual learners, and companies to coexist in managing training and competency, the tracking of operational experience, and ensure skills match the requirements of new technology as it is introduced.


GMP provides access to a leading-edge digital training and workforce management solution not offered by ‘traditional’ maritime training providers. It ensures operators are suitably qualified and experienced to reduce the risk of operating in new and novel ways. 


Jane Holmes, Head of Grant Programmes at Ufi VocTech Trust said, “It has been fantastic to see such a variety of innovative ideas for this round of our VocTech Seed grant funding, including SeaBot Maritime’s Global Maritime Portal®.”


She continues, “Our VocTech Seed grant funding provides a supportive environment that’s accepting of risk to allow organisations to develop and test new digital approaches to learning with a small group of users before they scale.”


Jon Feaver, Head of Training and Competency at SeaBot Maritime, comments, “We are delighted that Ufi shares our vision and has supported the development of the Global Maritime Portal. GMP is a key component to the cementing of the future of maritime skills, as the sector and its people adopt new technology.”

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