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SeaBot Maritime and Fugro lead UAE roundtable

SeaBot Maritime

11 Jun 2024

SeaBot Maritime and Fugro lead roundtable on Standardisation and Skills in Smart Remote Maritime Operations

Abu Dhabi, UAE – SeaBot Maritime and Fugro successfully hosted a high-profile roundtable discussion at the Rotana Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi, bringing together selected industry partners. The event, led by Gordon Meadow, CEO of SeaBot Maritime, and Ross Macfarlane, Remote and Autonomous Operations Resource Centre Manager at Fugro, focused on the critical topics of standardisation in smart remote maritime operations and the crucial role of the workforce in a digitally enabled maritime future.

In the morning session, the workshop explored the importance of creating unified standards to enhance the efficiency and safety of remote maritime operations across Abu Dhabi and the Middle East region. This session featured dynamic discussions and presentations, setting a pathway towards achieving these standards.

Gordon Meadow, CEO of SeaBot Maritime, opened the afternoon session with a compelling presentation on the vital role of the workforce in shaping a digitally enabled maritime future in Abu Dhabi. He highlighted the need for skilled professionals to support the transition to smarter maritime operations.

“The future of maritime operations lies in our ability to standardise and streamline processes across the industry," said Ross Macfarlane. "This roundtable is a crucial step towards creating a cohesive framework that will drive innovation and efficiency in remote maritime operations."

"Our workforce is the cornerstone of this digital transformation," stated Gordon Meadow. "By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, we can ensure that Abu Dhabi remains at the forefront of maritime innovation and leadership."

Also in attendance were Ifor Bielecki, COO at SeaBot Maritime, and Jon Feaver, Head of Training and Competency, who contributed to the lively and forward-thinking debates. The event provided a platform for industry leaders to share insights and strategies, fostering a collaborative approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities in the maritime sector.

The roundtable concluded with a consensus on the importance of continued dialogue and cooperation among industry stakeholders to achieve the goal of standardisation in smart remote maritime operations. This event marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more integrated and efficient maritime industry in the Middle East.


Event Details: Smart Remote Operations - Roundtable Discussion

Date: 30th May 2024                                                                                    

Location: Rotana Beach Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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