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Gordon Meadow presents at Maritime UK's 9th MASWRG Conference

SeaBot Maritime

17 Jan 2024

Charting future AI capabilities required to coexist with human competence

Gordon Meadow, SeaBot Maritime CEO, was invited to deliver a presentation at this year’s 9th Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (MASWRG) conference held virtually between 16-17 January 2024. The presentation, delivered on day 2 of the conference, was entitled " Charting Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities to coexist with Human Competences”.

On completion of the presentation, Gordon conducted a Live Q&A session chaired by conference organiser James Fanshawe, answering questions posed by the online audience.

The culmination of the second day saw Gordon participate in a panel with fellow presenters during which a wide range of topics were discussed, from training of Remote Operators, to liability of owners. Panel members included;

James Fanshawe (Chair)

Robert Veal (Winter & Co Solicitors)

Antoon Van Coillie (Zulu Associates)

Mark Harrington (Shipowners Club)

Gordon Meadow (SeaBot Maritime)

Karl Birgir Bjornsson (Hefring Marine)


The conference website, with the complete two day programme and details of all speakers can be found here.

The full range of presentations, Live Q&A sessions and panel discussions can be found online here.

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