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Support for small USV adoption

"The training and documentation delivered by SeaBot Maritime have been instrumental in transforming our approach to system testing and demonstration. Their professional services guided us through the process of integrating USV operations into our working practices, from operator training for our team to the drafting of procedures and operations manuals. The comprehensive support throughout the project has helped us to adopt more efficient and sustainable procedures. SeaBot Maritime has proven to be an invaluable partner, offering expertise and support at every stage of our transformation."

Andrew Pickup, Chief Engineer, Marine 

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division

Maritime Technologies


Positioning Solutions


Procedure Development

Training Delivery

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What was the project...

Hexagon | Veripos, a global technology leader pioneering end-to-end assured positioning solutions for the offshore marine oil and gas industry, sought to revolutionise its product testing and demonstration methodology by transitioning from conventional chartered vessels to a more sustainable approach. Facing the challenge of incorporating a small Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) into their operations, Veripos engaged SeaBot Maritime to guide them through this transformative process.


Our professional services commenced with the development of a comprehensive Safety Management System, including standard operating procedures, routines, and certification applications. Collaborating with Veripos, we actively participated in meetings with the team and local Harbour Masters to secure approvals for operating the USV within their waters. 

In addition to procedural development, SeaBot Maritime designed and delivered a tailored training plan. This plan equipped Veripos operators with the essential skills needed for the safe operation of a USV. The training covered conventional vessel handling, radio qualifications, and our Small USV Operator course held in Southampton. Leveraging Veripos's own USV during the training provided a valuable hands-on experience for the team in a controlled environment, advancing familiarity and competence to support future operations.

Completion of the USV training and procedural development now empowers Veripos with increased flexibility, enabling them to conduct system trials promptly in a range of waters adjacent to their facilities and removing the requirement to head offshore. This not only enhances their internal processes but also significantly reduces their carbon footprint. SeaBot Maritime's professional expertise played a pivotal role in successfully guiding Veripos through this transition, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainable and efficient maritime operations. 

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