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Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) Awareness Course 

Practical exposure to uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) operations

Duration 8 Hours 

Keywords USV  


Delivery In Person 

Prerequisites Nil 

Level Entry/Intermediate/Advanced



The handling and manoeuvring of an uncrewed surface vehicle raises new operating challenges. It requires a new approach to utilising traditional skills and can prove challenging with an increased reliance on technology to provide an awareness of the operating environment.  


Operational support will also need to be adapted to permit these operations, ensuring both human and machine are provided with the facilities they require. Facilities that not only support the advanced technical aspects, but which also support the operator who will now be located ashore rather than afloat.  


This course element will provide individuals with hands-on experience of operating a small Uncrewed Surface Vehicle. It will allow those personnel who are indirectly involved in MASS operations to gain an appreciation of what is required when deploying and operating these craft so that they are best placed to support operations within their own organisation. 


Who Should Study? 


Personnel connected with the uncrewed vehicle sector who are looking to enhance their understanding of operations but are not expected to directly control a vehicle. 

What will be covered? 


The course will provide a familiarity with USV operations, providing delegates with an insight of the elements that need to be considered when establishing a Local Control Centre, launching and recovering a USV, and safely controlling its actions whilst on the water.  



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Who Should Study
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