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Professional Courses

MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme®





MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme® Overview

Insights into the MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme® (MCP), being the new through-life pathway for maritime professionals who are operating and associated with the operation of uncrewed vehicles.





MASS Remote Operator

- Basic Training

MCP Module A

MCA Recognised basic level training for operators of uncrewed surface vehicles, for personnel who are taking an active role in USV operations. 


Level: Support





MASS Remote Operator 

- Advanced Training

MCP Module B

Providing an advanced understanding of the functions and operating practices involved in uncrewed vehicle operations, including navigation, vessel handling, and contingency training.

Level: Operational





MASS Remote Operations


MCP Module C

Enabling senior personnel to obtain a comprehensive understanding

of the management of teams and assets, in the remote operation of uncrewed vehicles.



Level: Management

Management & Leadership Courses





Certificate in the Business

of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS)

Discover the real business value of MASS. Explore how MASS can be incorporated into your business strategy, optimising performance, solving problems and driving cost savings.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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Certificate in

Practical Introduction to

USV Operations

Practical exposure to uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) operations for personnel connected to MASS wishing to enhance their understanding, whilst not directly controlling a vehicle in their role. 


Level: Entry






Certificate in Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS

Providing an overview of the MASS operating landscape for personnel looking to further their understanding of the uncrewed vehicle sector.

Level: Entry


Small Craft & Inland Waters Courses





Certificate in the Remote Operation of Small USVs


Operational training for users of uncrewed surface vehicles of a length less than three metres, within visual line of sight, in non-tidal areas.


Level: Entry


Our Facilities






The National Oceanography Centre

Home of SeaBot Maritime's MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme, the UK National Oceanography Centre (NOC) also boasts the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre.

Location: Southampton | United Kingdom






C-Worker 4 USV

(Uncrewed Surface Vehicle)

SeaBot Maritime's uncrewed remote operations training vessels are the

C-Worker uncrewed surface vehicles.

Location: Southampton & Worldwide

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