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Module A: MASS Remote Operator – Basic Training Course 

Part of the  MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme ®

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Duration:          9 days

Keywords:        USV


Delivery:                  In person

Student Numbers:  10

Level:             Support

Course Ref:    M001        

Prerequisites:   See below

MCA Recognised, Basic Level Training for Operators of Uncrewed Surface Vehicles



MASS Remote Operator – Basic Training provides the background knowledge and required level of understanding to safely operate a USV in both a local, visual mode of operation as well as providing delegates with an understanding of the challenges of operating the vessel remotely with no direct visual reference.


In addition to covering new skill sets, such as cyber security, the module covers ‘traditional’ skill sets and how these might need to be applied in a new way when operating a USV. Areas such as situational awareness, human factors, and the application of COLREGS are all reconsidered in the context of USV operations.


The module is split into two units, with the first providing a background to MASS Operations including legislative, technical and operational aspects. The second Unit allows delegates the opportunity to get hands-on with a USV and conduct exercises in a range of scenarios including vessel control, berthing, day/night operations and operations in confined and open waters.


This module is the first phase of reskilling and forms part of the MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme® which has been designed to support the development of personnel from Operator to MASS Master, and then ultimately into managerial and supervisory roles.


The MASS Certified Professional Training Scheme®, has been designed to help operators achieve new ways of working, reduce operational costs, all whilst maintaining the confidence of regulators that operations are being conducted safely.


Successful completion of this training has already been used by companies as a means of bolstering their safety case when applying to regulators for the required permissions to operate in their waters.


Who Should Study? 


Personnel taking an active role in USV operations.

What will be covered? 


The two-week course, divided between Theory and Practical sessions will cover the following broad topics;


  • Conduct of MASS Operations

  • MASS Legislation and industry guidance

  • MASS Systems

  • Human Factors

  • Emergency Scenarios

  • USV Mission Planning

  • USV Navigation

  • USV Handling (Local and BVLOS)


  • Night Operations

Entry Requirements


  • Minimum 18 years of age 


  • Hold an ENG1 / ML5 or suitable equivalent medical certificate


  • Hold an appropriate maritime qualification as required by an Administration or Competent Authority*.


*  Trainees are expected to have a level of knowledge and ability in areas such as vessel manoeuvring, marine navigation, stability, radio communications and collision avoidance. Those who wish to join the Scheme who are not in possession of an STCW Master 500gt CoC, including an approved medical assessment, should provide information as to their experience and qualifications in areas such as navigation, radar, GMDSS and stability.

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Who Should Study
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