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Maritime Challenges

As with many industries, the Maritime Industry faces challenges and opportunities resulting from wider changes in politics, economics, society, technology, regulations and environmental concerns.  


IMarEST, the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology recently reported that their members identified industry challenges in three themes: people; technology and the environment.  


Members recognised that the industry has skills gaps, and that the skills needed in future will be different to those needed today.  Retaining and developing the skills of existing maritime workers, in addition to attracting new talent to a more technology enabled industry were cited as challenges across the short, medium and long term.  



Members identified that technology brings opportunities and risks – opportunities of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vessels also bring risks to data security, of cyber-crime, and of safety incidents if the technology is not safely user operated.  The opportunity to reduce the loss of ships, and reduce work related injuries and fatalities using techniques from other industries such as aviation is too important to miss.  



Members referenced improving sustainability, reducing sulphur and de-carbonising to meet new environmental regulations and achieving Net Zero to help reduce climate change as key challenges.   Industry action, which leverages people and technology is needed to reduce emissions 50% by 2030.

How we can help

We’re on a mission to help the maritime industry navigate these challenges, access the opportunities and bring their organisations, teams and team members with them, by embedding new processes, procedures, skills and capabilities into their organisations.

- We’re at the forefront of maritime innovation and understand how that innovation will impact maritime operations.  Our learning solutions prepare your organisation and workforce for innovation.


- We’re tech savvy, in both maritime technological improvements and learning delivery.  For example, we’re a leader in training provision for ‘the safe use of autonomous vessels’.  


- We deliver innovative learning experiences, minimising costs, while maximising relevancy and impact for participants. For example, we’ve delivered remote e-learning with gamification our client, IMEC.

See how we’ve helped maritime organisations to date.

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