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CASE STUDY  |  International Maritime Employers' Council


Creating engaging Open Loop Exhaust Gas Cleaning System learning material accessible to a diverse, worldwide seafaring audience.


The International Maritime Employers Council (IMEC) provides training and support to the seafaring workforces of it’s members globally. 


The organization identified an opportunity to make pan industry training available to members on these systems, which are being introduced to reduce the environmental impact of their ships.   


The brief required materials to be accessible to members’ seafarers and engineers globally, whilst at sea.  SeaBot Maritime responded to the brief by developing e-learning including on board simulation; knowledge assessment and 3D models of the system.  Crucially, SeaBot Maritime proposed an e-learning app, which is downloaded to and accessed on any Apple or Android device, offline.  As a result, SeaBot Maritime secured the contract.

 SeaBot Maritime proposed an e-learning app, which is downloaded to and accessed on any Apple or Android device, offline.

When IMEC issued the brief, the SeaBot Maritime team embraced the challenge of creating an accessible and engaging learning solution for thousands of seafarers across numerous organisations and continents.


The team identified an app-based learning, assessment and extended reality solution as most suitable for IMEC needs.  Whilst the app format would provide accessibility and convenience, integrated assessment and on-board simulation added engagement and impact.  


Simulation is proven to aid the understanding of concepts through experience, the sharing of practical knowledge in a relatively short timeframe and decision making in critical situations that rarely occur in real life.  Simulation would enable trainees to experience situations in a safe, contained, comfortable, repeatable environment.  Finally, the virtual environment allows trainees to repeat a task until they accomplish a comfortable level of proficiency, at low cost and without risk.   

Example Classroom Module and Assessment Pages

Example On-Board Module and Assessment Pages


A user manual accompanied the app, providing step by step guidance on downloading and installing the app and completing the training. 

About International Maritime Employers Council

IMEC is a membership organisation which represents over 250 Maritime Employer organisations in Industrial Relations, providing advice to members on all aspects of maritime human resources, including the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 and developments at the International Labour Organization


IMEC co-ordinates the views of members and represents them in negotiations over wages and conditions of employment for seafarers.  IMEC also supports seafarer welfare, and provides maritime skills and other development training.

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