Ifor Bielecki

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Chief Operating Officer

Ifor's Story

BIO: Ifor Bielecki, COO, SeaBot Maritime – 156 words (Awaiting approval from IB) 

Ifor started his career as an airline pilot, spending 20 years flying airplanes, after which time he progressed into senior management for two major airlines, before moving across to specialise in aircraft manufacturing.  

He was then offered the opportunity to join Sea-Kit, which designs and manufactures remotely controlled Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) for multiple mission configurations. Ifor was part of the Sea-Kit team that developed the vessel that won the Shell Ocean Discovery X-Prize for the world’s first long-range uncrewed surface vessel (USV) that could map the ocean.  

Realising that with all the new and innovative technology, the most crucial element is still the people, Ifor and co-Director and CEO, Gordon Meadow formed SeaBot Maritime (then SeaBot XR) set about devising strategies and solutions to help bring people closer to technology; from design, development and operational perspectives, to help bridge the significant skills gap.  

In his spare time, Ifor enjoys motorcycling and sailing with his family.