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Frequently Asked Questions

"SeaBot Maritime is regarded as the global leader in organisational change transformation and training to the maritime autonomy sector"

Q: What inspired SeaBot Maritime to be launched?

A: SeaBot Maritime was established to provide pioneering solutions and leadership to the maritime sector, particularly in maritime autonomy and remote operations.

Q: What is SeaBot Maritime's core focus

A: Having been involved in remote and autonomous maritime operations since the advent of this technology revolution, SeaBot Maritime's focus is to help shape the maritime autonomy national eco-system in line with UK ambition to be at the forefront of clean maritime technology.


Q: Why do we need SeaBot Maritime's solutions?

A: In response to industrywide challenges requiring the safe adoption of emerging technology, combined with the need to expand the current limitations of an existing workforce, it has been deemed crucial for maritime to adopt, upskill and scale this. Furthermore, as it is broadly unregulated both at national and international levels, there is a requirement for assurance and regulation spanning above and below the maritime autonomy waterline.

Q: What does SeaBot Maritime provide?

A: As champions of human-centric digital transformation, SeaBot Maritime delivers organisational change and training to the maritime sector, believing that people should be empowered with new skills to work alongside technology when sharing tasks and decision-making, particularly in smart ship operations.

Q: What is SeaBot Maritime's ambition?

A: SeaBot Maritime is dedicated to operational development, personnel training, and assurance to the enterprise and defense sectors to ensure safe and efficient operations.  It strives to influence a maritime industry that attracts, nurtures, and shapes a future workforce; resulting in a new connected mariner capable of undertaking what will be some of the most digitally advanced roles in the world.

Q: What makes SeaBot Maritime so unique?

A: SeaBot Maritime’s solutions come from both within and beyond the maritime sector, with knowledge and influence embraced from the likes of the aviation and space sectors.

Q: What are SeaBot Maritime's in-house solutions?

A: Services and products span analysis through to delivery, including deployment of competency management tools, curriculum development and blended e- and mobile learning, together with APP design, 3D modelling, as well as certification and assurance to industry standards.


Q: How does SeaBot Maritime help to keep its customers ahead of the curve?

A: SeaBot Maritime is uniquely positioned to enable an organisation to fully exploit the potential of new and existing technology above and below the surface, coexisting hand-in-hand with their existing reskilled workforce as well as developing entirely new workforces, creating a smarter, cleaner and safer maritime.


Q: How does SeaBot Maritime help the maritime industry nationally and globally?

A: Holistically, we also aim to work with like-minded organisations to help them, the nation, and the world meet the challenge of maritime autonomy safely and successfully; to result in the UK being the global leader in marine technology adoption, combined with a fresh and reskilled fully prepared to embrace the future of maritime, sustainably, and safely.



Discover how SeaBot Maritime can help your organisation and its people operate safer, smarter and cleaner, by emailing or completing the Contact Form here.

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