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Maritime organisations face unprecedented change 

Against a backdrop of global political and economic uncertainty the industry faces unprecedented challenges to reduce environmental emissions, improve safety and adopt and safely use new technology.  In a period of significant change, the recruitment and training of competent employees across a disperse global workforce is a challenge critical to the future success of maritime organisations.  

SeaBot Maritime can help.  As your learning partner, we have the sector expertise and know how, to develop and deliver learning solutions that work for your organisation and culture – empowering your organisation to move from reacting to industry change, to proactively shaping and driving it.  

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Tailored Learning – Offering our maritime, technology and learning expertise

We recognise the challenges of building and maintaining the skills of a maritime workforce – a workforce of diverse nationalities, languages, levels of prior training; skillsets and capabilities, based remotely, worldwide.

We use our deep knowledge of maritime needs and technologies and our expertise in learning, to create bespoke learning for your maritime workforce, specifically considering these challenges and your objectives.  


We provide learning via the means that is most effective and suitable – via instructor, remotely, via online or mobile



We design and provide engaging and memorable learning material through simulation, gamification, virtual reality, 3D modelling; and/or by providing direct instructor led experience at our facilities in the UK or at client sites elsewhere.   

Embedding Maritime Technology Change in your operation

Maritime operations are becoming increasingly sophisticated.   Various different technology solutions can be involved in an operation, and integrating them can be challenging.

Technology is no longer considered a panacea – rather as a improvement which enables organisations make better use of human resources.  Successful integration of technology relies on your people’s ability to confidently use each system singularly, and to confidently leverage all their systems to manage the end to end operation effectively and efficiently.

  • We can help:

    • Identify systems capabilities to improve your operation.

    • Design and deliver the learning your teams require to become confident users of each and all of your systems.


Contact us to discuss your needs.

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