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Certificate in Small Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) Operations for Inland Waterways

Operational training for users of small Uncrewed Surface Vehicles

Duration 3 Days 

Keyword USV


Delivery In person 

Prerequisites Nil 

Level Introductory 




The introduction of small Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USV) has revolutionised the conduct of surveys within inland waters and marinas, providing greater flexibility in their completion and enhancing output.


The variety of waterspace in which USVs can be utilised is of notable benefit, however it also presents challengers to the operator; whether that is by way of other users or environmental conditions. It is therefore important that operators of these vessels, regardless of size, are appropriately trained and cognisant of the challenges they might encounter.


Successful completion of the course will equip USV operators with an appreciation of the regulatory environment, control methodologies, and situational awareness challenges associated with remotely operated vessels. It will ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and provision of a safe working environment.

The course can be delivered at our training facility, or on site, utilising the clients own equipment. 

Who should study? 

This course is designed for personnel operating small USVs within visual line of sight, on inland and categorised waters. 

What will be covered? 


The course will be delivered through theoretical and practical sessions and will cover elements including; 


  • USV Design and Functionality 

  • USV Systems 

  • Regulatory Requirements 

  • Operating Processes 

  • Mission Planning 

  • Emergency Scenarios 

  • USV Control and Manoeuvring 

Who Should Study
Course Content

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